More engagement, more acquisitions, more advertising – Twitter’s Jack Dorsey #DLD12

22. January 2012 § Leave a comment

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey used his appearance at #DLD12 in Munich (one of the leading media and tech conferences around) to reinstate his idea of Twitter as a news service, rather than a social network. The biggest value for any user, he said, “is discovering what’s going on in your world in real time”. His paradigm: “You don’t have to tweet to get value out of the service”. Driving this message home has been his key mission recently – obviously motivated by the desire to attract more low-tech users and make the service more interesting to advertisers. “We’re always looking for how to get more engagement around the platform .

Asked by Holger Schmidt, a leading German tech journalist, about the Summify acquistion, he confirmed that the target pefectly fits this purpose. Summify, he said, helps filtering news and delivering relevant information in real time. There might be more acquistions in the near future: “We’re always looking for amazing team, and if it’s an acquistion, than that’s the method and the vehicle”.

Interviewed by both Schmidt and David Kirkpatrick, Dorsey was keen on making clear: “Our business model is working”. There was 3-5 percent engagement on promoted tweets and trends recently. “Revenue is not just a destination, it’s oxygen”, he said, quoting one of his co-founders at Twitter.

Dorsey called 2012 a “pivotal year” for Twitter in Europe. An team is currently built, and the company installs an office in Hamburg. The goal? No surprises here: “We want to tell poeple that you don’t need to tweet to make use of Twitter”, he said.



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