Funny idea: The digital foosball table

19. May 2011 § Leave a comment

Are we entering an age where nothing is truly analogue anymore? People are running through the woods, tracking every step with their favorite GPS application. Backcountry skiers use apps to gauge avalanche risks. So, wasn’t that short foosball game in the office corner (aka Kicker) one of the last occasions to get off the grid for the typical agency or media worker? Probably. But that’s over now. This week in Berlin, I tried out the digital foosball table, a rather funny idea: The table does not only come with an integrated camera ending all the disputes about goals, but is connected to the web. Game and player statistics can be tracked via a mobile app and epic tournaments among colleagues can be set-up online. If you wanna try it out, you have to wait – it’s still a prototype. Your only chance might be to approach the techies at full-service agency SinnerSchrader who came up with the idea, and showed off the table at the #next11 conference in Berlin this week. My compliments, guys!


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