A cemetery made of iPads

29. November 2010 § 1 Comment

News on start-ups providing “post mortem“ online services – such as  storing your favorite pics for the remainder of eternity – started a conversation I had with a few colleagues these days. Several iPads were sitting on our office desks, and we made the connection: Will the tombstone of the future include an iPad-like tablet device? Will our friends and relatives stand in front of touchscreen devices in a a somber cemetry hall, sifting through picture galleries of the deceased, using headphones to listen to our favorite music? Or will there be outdoor cemetries of huge tablet computers used as virtual tombstones in wealthy Western cities? Who knows. But one thing is for certain: Honoring the deceased will change with all the new technologies at hand. There was already a lot of talk on how Facebook deals with dead members. Some profiles and fan pages of well-known and lesser known people have been turned into virtual graveyards. Do you have any thoughts on how we will remember the deceased a few decades from now?


§ One Response to A cemetery made of iPads

  • Sarah says:

    Have you seen Virtual Eternity yet? (www.virtualeternity.com) It’s from a company called Intellitar. The whole premise seems to be preserving a digital copy of yourself so future generations (and present ones too I suppose) can interact with you post-mortem (or, of course, present day too.)

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